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Our flag ship retailer at night.
Opus #1 of Lawfully Wedded Life on the signing desk before the event.

We at Brandon Rich Books are thrilled at the success of our inaugural book signing event for Lawfully Wedded Life! ┬áThe event was hosted at Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee on September 11, 2018. Every seat was filled with people standing in the back! We are so honored to have had our inaugrual book signing at Parnassus, which is an institution in Nashville’s literary community. Brandon thanked several people including his editor and publisher from Heritage Builders Publishing. A special thanks goes to A Catered Affair for providing refreshments and for being part of Brandon’s stories in the book.

Opus #1 of Lawfully Wedded Life at Parnassus Books
Rev. Rich signing books with the long line of readers patiently waiting.
Rev. Rich signing singing a book for his former boss from many years ago at VF.
Rev. Rich talking about the book at the beginning of the program.
Rev. Rich signing a book for Kellie Bryson, his friend, caterer and owner of one of the venues where he officiates regularly.
Rev. Rich reading selections from the book.
The crowd enjoying the stories that Brandon told from the book!
Brandon signing a book for his high school friend, Molly.
Brandon signing a book for his high school friend, Ellen (but he enscribed to “Bippy” as she was known in the 90s.)



In the coming days and weeks, we will annouce details of Brandon’s upcoming book signing events. We are planing one more event in the Nashville area and one in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Rev. Rich has been offered signing events in Memphis and Fort Smith, AK. We will provide updates here and in social media as we finalize plans for each upcoming event.


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