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Lawfully Wedded Life is Rev. Brandon Rich’s first book. Published on August 15, 2018 by Heritage Builders Publishing, this book is a collection of stories from the early personal life of Rev. Brandon Rich, and then from his work as a full-time wedding officiant and event planner. At the time Brandon wrote this book, he had completed just over 4,000 weddings. That number continues to grow. The eary chapters of Lawfully Wedded Life give the reader an introduction to Brandon’s family and his early days as a pastor. The book then transitions, just as his life did, into a collection of some of his favorite stories from his wacky adventuers in the business of weddings and events.

Brandon loves to tell stories. He loves to capture the attention of the listener or reader, whether it is one person sitting on an airplane headed to a business meeting, a vacationer under an umbrella on the beach or a room full of people sitting on the edge of their seat as he speaks to a large group. Brandon has currated this book into a collection of some of his very favorite stories up through 2017, when the manuscript was completed.

Lawfully Wedded Life is published by Heritage Builders Publishers and distributed by Ingram. The ISBN is 978-1-945549-06-9 and the retail price is $18.95. It is available in bookstores everywhere and online with Amazon. Brandon Rich Books’ flagship retailer is Parnassus Books in Nashville, which is the store that hosted Brandon’s inaugural book signing event on September 11, 2018. Parnassus will hold the distinction of being the only bookstore that will always carry signed copies of Brandon’s books, and they will ship books to readers anywhere in the world! Domestic orders can be placed on thier website. Internationl orders should be emailed to the store using Any bookstore can carry Lawfully Wedded Life by ordering it directly from our Publisher, Heritage Builders Publishing or from the distributor, Ingram.

Lawfully Wedded Life is Brandon’s first book, but certainly not his last. He has completed the first draft of his first novel. He also has the outline for two additional novels that will form a small series around the characters from the first. He also has the foundation for two how-to books about weddings. Beyond the world of weddings, Rev. Rich has plans for several other fiction and non-fiction books. He should keep Heritage Builders Publishing busy for some time!

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