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Rev. Brandon Rich – Picture by Michael & Michelle Blair

Rev. Brandon Rich was born on October 20, 1973 in Chattanooga, Tennesee. He was raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky and then graduated from high school and college in Nashville, Tennessee. He continued his theoligical education in Fort Worth, Texas and then settled back in Nashville.

His work in weddings goes back into the 1980s when his mother was a part-time wedding coordinator. His first wedding to offiicate was on December 29, 2001 in Amarillo, Texas. His life began to relove around weddings in 2009 when a part-time side gig became a full-time business and career. This most interesting and entertaining career has made great fodder for the storyteller that has always been a part of Brandon’s personality. After many years of success in the wedding business, he and two of his associates began to write what they hoped would become the screenplay for a film. Unfortunatly, one of those associates passed away in 2013 and for many years, those aspirations also passed from view. Brandon’s other associate, the widower of his late colleague was in the process of writing a book about song writers and he suggested that Brandon write a book of his own about weddings. Way back in graduate school, Brandon had been tasked with writing his own memoir. Fortunatly, he hung on to that paper all these years and it formed the foundation of the first several chapters of Brandon’s first book, Lawfully Wedded Life, which was published by Heritage Builders Publishing in August 2018.

Brandon has written the first draft of a novel and has the basic design for two more novels that will form a series. He also has plans to write at least two how-two books on weddings. Beyond the world of weddings, Brandon has other topics that he plans to form into books in the coming years.

On September 30, 2018, Brandon accepted the offer to become the Vice President for Author Relations for Heritage Builders Publishing. In this new role, Brandon will assist other authors with books being published by HBP. Brandon is ideally suited to this new role with his recent sucssess as an author and with his location in Nashville, which is a hub for the publishing industry. Brandon will continue writing more books, and he will still oversee his wedding and event business. Brandon couldn’t be more excited about all the opportunites in front of him now. If you have questions for him about this new role, email him at Brandon.Rich@HeritageBuildersPublishing.com.

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Rev. Rich – Picture by Dak Alley Productions
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